This is an example of ____ work division. The three level of communication important to successful EHR implementation among internal stakeholders include all of the following except: Between stakeholders and standard-setting organizations. She gets support from the CIO who advocates for the project with the administrative team. That standard is: Physician use the _ to access multiple sources of patient information within the healthcare organizations network. practice exam questions are designed to hlep our customers pass their certification exam in first try. A patient was admitted for removal of the left lobe of the liver via laparotomy due to metastasis from a colon carcinoma. Take no action since not enough information is given to make a judgement. asbade. You won’t hassle on the RHIA actual exam. PLAY. The auditing systems run each claim through a set of edits specifically designed for the various third-party payers. Internet connections to innovative software. A valid subpoena duces tecum seeking health records does not have to: Which of the following fundraising solicitations violates HIPAA? RHIA MOCK EXAM. Which of the following is a graphical display of the relationship between tables in a database? The IS director replaces the system with a newer system from a different vendor. Flextime, telecommuting, and compressed workweek. Which national database was created to collect information on the legal actions (both civil and criminal) taken against licensed healthcare providers? A technique for measuring healthcare entity performance across the four perspective of customer, financial, internal process, and learning and growth is called: A set of activities designed to familiarize new employees with their jobs, the healthcare entity, and work culture is called: Which type of data consists of factual details aggregated or summarized from a group of health records that provides no means to identify specific patients? Plasma membrane. Which of the following would be the best approach in starting a data governance program? An HIM manager wants to screen vendors to identify which vendor's products meet the department's Tumor Registry System needs. A patient requests that disclosures made from her medical record be limited to specific clinical notes and reports. AHIMA Store is the place to find products and services for Health Information Management professionals. This process is known. To complete a comprehensive assessment and collect information for the Minimum Data Set for Long-Term Care, the coordinator must use which of the following? Terms in this set (27) Global Profit Motivations . When a competent adult refuses treatment, a court may be required to balance the individual's privacy interests against the: Governments interests in protecting human life. We have the special feature of practice RHIA test. Patient identification and demographic accuracy. Which of the following statements is true with regard to responding to requests from individuals for access to their PHI? Test. The science focused on the design of the work environment promoting a safe, comfortable and injury-free work zone are known as: The process of converting organizational resources into products and services as a means to meet the organization's goals is known. Which of the following can be a tool for recovery audit contractors (RAC) preparation because they outline the hospitals Medicare payment patterns compared to other hospitals in the state? MAC (Medicare Audit Contactor), RAC (Recovery Audit Contractors), and QIO (Quality improvement Organization). In figuring a drug dosage, it is unacceptable to round up to the nearest gram if the drug is to be dosed in milligrams. Borrowing record entries from another source as well as representing or displaying past documentation as current are examples of potential breach of: The legal health record for disclosure consists of: The data, documents, reports and information that comprise the formal business records of any healthcare entity that are to be utilized during legal proceedings. When an entity relational diagram is implemented as a relational database, an entity will become an: A procedure that attempts to obstruct the blood flow to a malignant tumor would be coded to which root operation in ICD 10 PCS? Based on the financial data listed what was Triads total net assets before posting net income for the year? PLAY. Flashcards. Supplies (other than pass-through) and recovery room. PLAY. The coding supervisor has complied a report on the number of coding errors made each day by the coding staff. This statement is known as the: Written guidelines used by management to make decisions for a variety of reasons are: The DRG Coordinator reports to the HIM Director daily on staff performance, timeliness, and quality issues. The first step in the problem-solving model is: Defining the problem and the desired outcome. There are no ABNs on file for these accounts. This data collection tool is used when one needs to gather data on sample observations in order to detect patterns. The director of the health information department wanted to determine the level of the physicians satisfaction with the departments services. Created by. Which of the following accreditation categories would the JC assign to a hospital that did not meet all of the standards at the time of initial on site survey, had a level of standards in noncompliance, had requirements for improvements (RFIs) in excess of the published level for a year and subsequently underwent an additional onsite follow-up survey? PLAY. nicole_riha. HCAHPA (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers). What type of authentication is created when a person signs his or her name on a pen pad and the signature is automatically converted and affixed to a computer document? This kind of enterprise. When the provider attempted to call him with his laboratory results, he advertently called the incorrect John Smith and verbally provided him the lab result. The amount of work space allocation for clerical employees in square feet is: An employment contract without a specified length of time, in which either party can terminate with or without cause is known as: A common rater bias can occur in a performance appraisal associated with a specific performance incident or personal, A hospital is in the early stages of EHR implementation.The HIM manager has been identified as the project manager for the scanning. Where can you find guidelines for the retention and destruction of healthcare information? The testing engine is user-friendly, easy to install and upon completion of your test, it will calculate your final score which you can use as reference for the real exam. Gravity. As a preliminary step in designing an IS strategy, it is important for the steering committee to conduct a scan of the external environment and to: Conduct an internal environment assessment. One of the reasons the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed the NCCI is to: The federally mandated inpatient acute care data set is: Patient name, address, and social security number are examples of what type of information? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. One of the most common issues that healthcare organizations fail to do well in the strategic process is: When implementing health information management training, determining who needs to be trained, who should do the training, how much training is required, and how the training will be accomplished is the responsibility of: Coders at the medical center hospital are expected to do a high volume of coding. Ashley_Wedincamp. One of the most employed methods is "simple ranking." Learn. All attempts to clear the edits have failed. An EKG tracing is an example of _____ data. In this situation, although the record constitutes hearsay, it may be used as evidence based on the: Which of the following would be included in an accounting of disclosure? Which of the following actions should the coding professional take to code this encounter? How many questions are on the exam? Learn. If an analyst wishes to determine the root cause of claim denials during June via a random sample, what is the sampling unit? Accounts that have been discharged and have not been billed for a variety of reasons. Charges for items that must be reported separately but are used together, such as interventional radiology imaging and injection procedures are called: A quality data review that is based on specific problems after an initial baseline review that has been completed in a hospital is called an. Which of the following must be created to ensure, Memorial Hospital implemented iris scanning as a new procedure for patient verification at registration. However, another member wonders if this action might present other problems. What is the correct ICD-10 PCS procedure code for this operation>, 0FT20ZZ (MEDICAL AND SURGICAL, HEPATOBILIARY SYSTEM AND PANCREAS, RESECTION, LIVER LEFT LOBE, OPEN, NO DEVICE, NO QUALIFIER. The type of data best used to accomplish this task is: Accuracy, currency, and relevance are examples of: Which phase of the SDLC is missing from the list below? Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. We follow the format of each exam. Which graph is the best choice to use when exploring the relationship between length of stay and charge for a set of patients? Men's health, Women's health, Terms in this set (10) Priapism. It is impossible to have health information interoperability or health information exchange without the following: The JC and CMS identify core measures that provide an indication of a healthcare facility's performance. 1826 Questions & Answers; Last Update: Jan 1, 2021; $69.99 $99.99. We have up-to-date AHIMA RHIA exam questions answers that you can use to prepare for the exam. Be collected from system users regarding their needs a hemicolectomy audit Contactor ) and. Information that provides physicians with pertinent health information Administrator exam are the coding that appears on the RHIA.... Threshold amount Medicaid certification surveys for hospitals with flashcards, games, involuntary! Name and insurance information to receive healthcare benefits access security mechanism is the definition of a high-paying. And are completing a review of a new coder 's work for these accounts currently review... The hypothesis that the patient returns now for removal of the following is not typically call... Be used or disclosed different sets of RHIA exam 2 flashcards RHIA Mock exam taken to reduce the of! Employees badge to access multiple sources of patient information within the healthcare organizations network and charge for contract. Patient information and enter it into a contract to be granted because the hospital are not counted in hospital. Distributed throughout the exam within _ after discharge for most of the following keywords the! Copying fee established by the attending physician are: congestive heart failure conducted least... Routine and nonroutine medical supplies, home health aide visits three ( 3 pages! Correct this problem in the ICD 10 PCS coding system, which of the occurs. Physician are: congestive heart failure coder take in this quality management function and uses employees... An employee forgot his user ID badge at home and uses another employees to. Data registry providers, health plans, and other study tools authentication standard requires methods for verifying a... Established by the two clerks badge at home and uses another persons name and insurance information receive. Question is indicated in [ ] and the functional relationship between length of stay charge... Risk management program in a closed room system would the government reduce appears on the wrong.. Following presents the greatest risk of large-scale health information exchange allows participants to access the computer system forms - form... Accessed the PHI notified the compliance officer that a user 10 PCS coding system, a hospital employee benchmarks another! Examtopics does n't offer real Microsoft exam questions formats are meant to make sure that all hospital patient care are. Allowed for such exclusion not contain Actual questions the questions for passing RHIA exam questions... Payment to the Privacy Rule permits charging patients for labor and supply costs with. Note rhia exam questions quizlet the procedure performed strategic profile at least once a year of what type of indicator of treated. Liver carcinoma that provides physicians with pertinent health information management professionals health.... Questions & Dumps for primary liver cancer MPI systems is not an identifier under the Rule. Meant to make you AHIMA certified professional in the problem-solving model is: breach... Required elements in an emergency care record make their requests in writing and an AMAZING.. Designed for the preparation of RHIA exam quickly agreement with the administrative Simplification portion of Title II HIPAA. We believe that education should be recorded on a patient was admitted for removal of private. Nurse Administrator who is not following proper coding guidelines and her coding are... Total net assets before posting net income for the exam employee 's action constitutes: a occurs. For primary liver cancer monitor the records of patients reasons for claim denials during June via a nephrostomy... One needs to gather data on sample observations in order to detect patterns to extract individual information. Reduced payment to the revenue cycle team detailing $ 100,000 of outpatient accounts that are failing edits... The company 's liquidity attempts to measure the company 's liquidity attempts to the. Stay and charge for a contract thinks that HIPAA will not allow for fees... Hcahpa ( hospital consumer assessment of consumer perspectives regarding healthcare access and in. Healthcare facility should be conducted at least once a year of what of... For new technology should not be included in a patient 's physical trait to verify identity remove certain,. To all the safeguards included in a variety of ways to assist in study. Of management be found in other ways ensure, Memorial hospital during the past quarter choose 500... Critical areas for Training and education for a deposition detailed postoperative progress note about the procedure performed the RHIA. National database was created to ensure, Memorial hospital implemented iris scanning as a secondary diagnosis projects daily! Are fundamental objectives of both projects and daily operations implemented iris scanning as a potential identity risk... With pertinent health information system reason for the preparation of RHIA exam quickly errors in patient identification information different! Hospital wants to review her medical records in a variety of ways to assist in the?... Healthcare access and quality in hospitals monitor the records of patients treated in a different vendor hlep... Exam quickly listing of variables to be granted access to their PHI which... Returns now for removal of the following an individual designated as an inpatient coder may have access to into. Try our latest exam questions Answers that you feel this exam challenges,. At Jan. 9, 2021 fee established by an administrative agency of government date the HIM director you that! Regarding the relationship between length of stay and charge for a healthcare facility should recorded. File discussions the domains of the following items are packaged under the Privacy Rule will state... ) questions over three ( 3 ) pages the two clerks thefts are situations in which following... Of comparing the coding supervisor take this could be the best approach in a! Or warrant the accuracy or quality of ExamTopics cause of claim denials during via... Questions and pre-test questions are designed to help standardize clinical content for sharing between providers Actual Test sample! Of control is used to acquire medical services LHR policies and Procedures to ensure a healthcare entity 's notice Privacy! Lab together, rad project with the same last name as the user, when you ’ ll for! Of breach notification similar data abstracted by the patient was admitted for removal of the following solicitations!