time. - well does anyone want Brompton offers an almost limitless range of customisable options, including gearing and handlebar shape, so you can tailor your perfect machine. In 1971, Bickerton introduced the first truly portable bicycle to the world. You’ve not mentioned the Dynamic chainless folding bike, http://www.dynamicbicyclesuk.co.uk/shop/index.aspx?categoryId=29. Katharine Horsman, the press officer (10-mile Brompton commute each way, every day), took me round. Folders are incredibly common among  people who want to explore the world – you can go as far as you like with the bike alongside you in the car/train, and then whip it out when you want to slow down and see more in depth. FantaisyRat Animateur Messages : 258 Enregistré le : mar. I started to commute on the bike. Bickerton Portables SG - facebook page for Bickerton in SG But, event the lightest Brompton weights a hefty 9.6kg, making it difficult to lug around. Copyright (C)2002 Brian Laffoley Anyone got a bickerton folding cycle Home; Help; Search; Calendar; Login; Register; Yet Another Cycling Forum » General Category » ... all that said it could be argued that the Brompton design sprang from the Bickerton. The 9-speed gears are well spaced although I don’t see many proper hills on my routes. awesome bike without the hassle of a chain – without a doubt one of the best purchases I’ve made. Pour faire évoluer la transmission, je t'invite à visiter le site du fabricant Gates (carbon drive). Superlight . To understand why a Brompton is best is to understand the history of Brompton - which in many ways is the history of the folding bike. Brompton. A wide selection of colours, sizes and materials will help you to find the perfect bag for your needs. I had a standard Brompton 3 speed hub which I changed for the 8 speed Shimano hub. A Brompton Superlight marries the classic steel mainframe with a titanium rear frame, front fork and other lightweight componentry to deliver high quality performance with excellent portability I often get surprised looks from fellow commuters that a folder with panniers can do the decent speed I normally do – unless there’s a head wind of course . Bickerton est une marque connue dans le monde des pliables, puisqu'elle a inspiré l'inventeur du Brompton. I don’t commute but want it for leisure rides off and on-road. L'avantage du cadre Argent est que, contrairement aux autres modèles de la marque, il se plie en prenant la chaîne en sandwich entre les deux roues. I’m the owner of a Brompton Bike loe it, although last month on two different ocassions i had to argue with a grumpy bus driver about carrying it on a TFL service, needless to say i sent a strongly worded letter to the head office! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The children always think I have the coolest bike!! OP . Lycra was swapped for jeans and the handle-bar chewing replaced with a relaxed lean-back style of riding that was entirely out of character. The long term future for the Bickerton? Just returned from France where it has done 20-25 miles a day along the Loire. A couple of years ago, I rode a Bickerton on a ~15-20 mile round trip commute for a few months before getting my Brompton. Superlight owner . I bought it from On Your Bike in London Bridge who were very helpful in getting the right mudguards and rack. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birdy_(bicycle). The back tyre lasted about a year and … Here’s a look at some of the big players. I have a Joey, the choice of the cash strapped MAMIL and it daily helps me travel from Romney March to work (i do around 12 miles each way from the station to home and around 3000m annually). I like to go off-road a bit more, so I ride a Bike Friday New World Tourist with 20in wheels. BikeFolded revised the comparison between Brompton and Dahon folding bikes. Brompton bags are an easy and practical way to carry your essentials. Just a heads up: TfL has changed its policy on folding bikes on buses – now leaving it up to the driver’s discretion…one of whom tried to refuse my fully folded Brompton on an empty bus last week. I’m in Paris and will spend a week starting Tuesday touring Bordeaux and the Pays basque (Bayonne, Biarritz, etc.) Comparing the Bickerton to the Brompton: The reliability of the Bickerton was quite good. Ce site web utilise des cookies. Bickerton Portables SG - facebook page for Bickerton in SG (web page http://www.broadstone.freeserve.co.uk). Being a single-speed it is also pretty low maintenance, although I have stripped down and regreased the coaster hub once (probably a job for your local IBD unless you are very competent mechanically). Niggles being: Interview by David Rust of Lagoon Media (Producer for the Brompton Story Video). They fold pretty quick too: Recently invested in a Giant Halfway. You’ll pay a premium for a Brompton, but in return you get a quality build, a multitude of spare parts, accessories and colour options, and the knowledge that you’ve bought from a brand still manufacturing in West London, where they’ve been since 1988. I disagree with Michelle on the speed of folding/unfolding – the frame locking levers on the Dahon/Terns are way quicker than the threaded bolts on the Brompton. (We did a week on the Rhine Cycleway this summer.) +1. I have a jango flik which is very well engineered, the one exception the wheels could be a little larger as the tyres wear out!! The classic design of the bike actually predates that of the Brompton, yet the Bickerton Junction is several hundred pounds cheaper than even the most basic Brompton. Unique to the Brompton is a range of pricey but effective luggage secured over the front wheel by a quick-release system. Accepted on trains, trams, and metros; a folding e-bike is a hassle-free way to get around. I have used it for a lot of canal boat trips, it is unbelievably versatile. oliv. Folding Bikes by DAHON: Jifo 16 vs. Mu Uno: Fold-Off. It has the wider wheels (which accept decent-wearing Shwalbe tyres) and rides very well – almost a proper bike so quite suitable for light touring even. Any recommendations for a folder suitable for cycling off-road in parks and on bike paths? As an authorised dealer for all of the brands we offer, you know you are getting the best… And, the story of the folding bike really begins and ends with Brompton. Of course I ride nearly every day, so it could just be they are getting a load more use than normal for my bikes, but I’ve been through 2 seats, 1 seat post, 3-4 chains, rear tyre, and 4 or 5 sets of brake pads in the 2.5 years I’ve had mine…, Otherwise it’s a true love affair with my Montague! From public transport to the back of a car, Brompton Electric is an e-bike that can remain at your side at all times. think that this is a terminal problem and so I have bought a After the Christmas break this year the 3 speed hub started My point is buy what you can afford, and will do what you want. Then in 1982, Dr. David Hon, a physicist, began production of the first Dahon folding bike. 3) A compromise on the full-sized frame is that it doesn’t fold down as small; I get dirty looks sometimes for taking up a lot of space on trains in the vestibules, but hey – I don’t take up any space on the underground so grumpy commuters should thank me! A folding  bike, for the majority of people, is about convenience – getting where you want to go on time, with the least hassle possible. Best so far is the ass saver but even it doesn’t really do it. Decathlon B’Fold 5 6spd 20″ wheels. View details In the past 8 years it has grown into what it now is. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My advice? Folding the Brompton takes less than 15 seconds to a volume of 85 litres (3 cu ft) and it locks together, so it’s easy to carry. > The drawbacks are present – of course. It is full size, it’s designed for the city, looks reasonable and is not too heavy. The benefits are that you can take the bike on the majority of trains – though do check your rail providers website, as some have some bizarre rules about bagging the bike so that it becomes ‘hand luggage’ and the like. I favored Dahon because they make high-quality bikes for a much lower price. I have the standard 6 speed (3 in the IGH, 2 in the derailleur): Does the Shimano just fit without rework, and how does it run compared to the standard gearing? It takes full size panniers to keep the overall centre of gravity down.